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Love, Sensual, Sexual n’ Romance blog

Wow very nice /.\ 👌

Love, Sensual, Sexual n’ Romance blog

Can’t wait for the day I get to do this with that special someone ❤️

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Letting hair grow more! Haven’t been in tumblr but getting back to it xD

Things I realize sometimes

The last time I had one of those “cute” special phone conversations with a girls was probably last year damn… that’s crazy lol I can’t believe it myself, I haven’t really found another or the special girl but oh well at least I’m a patient person even though sometimes I have my days like anybody else.

I love this guy he’s damn right. 
Earn it!
work hard.
That would be perfect!

Gym thoughts

Mad respect to those people that go to the gym, take time to workout or excercise and keep themselves healthy whether their reasons are just to stay fit or if they are trying to reach some goals that are not easy because they require a great amount of hard work. This year I really been into the gym and I feel better every week, I go to the gym because I have great personal goals I want to reach but of course also because I want to stay healthy and fit!

Get her back (: only if you really want her back.